You are invited to celebrate Xmas with a dinner at Our Lady of Czestochowa Parish in Saskatoon, on Sunday Jan 14 2018 after a 11AM Mass in Polglish


God, Honor and Country... President Trump gave a great testimony to the Polish Nation last July when he visited Poland. He paid tribute to the war heros especially of Warsaw Uprising, the largest attempt to overcome the Germans during World War II.
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Fr. Kleither was just in Poland last fall, he couldn't get over how hostpitable the country is. Here is the picture of his last most delicious meal before departing from Gdansk.
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since the baptism of Poland in 966, of which 1050th anniversary was celebrated last year, our church was built in Saskatoon for the milenium of 1966. Catholic Church and Polish nationalism cannot be seprated, as the latter doesn't exist without the former.
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    Xmas Fundraiser

    This is the only Fundraiser that our parish is hosting. There will be a Xmas raffle draw towards the end of the meal, so keep your ticket and give only the stub at the food serving table.

    Parish Council Cooking Manager

  • Xmas Schedule at Our Lady of Czest

    Dec. 24th. 9AM Vigil of Christmas High Latin Mass; 11AM Mass in Polish; Dec. 25th. 12AM Midnight Mass in Polish 9AM In Aurora Latin High Mass
    11AM Mass in Polish
    Dec. 26th 9AM Latin Mass
    11AM Polish Mass

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    easy to find, easy to get here, to the corner of 20th and y, if you live on the east side take the new circle, watch out for radarts going back...

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  • Love coming to church with these people! The attention to detail
    shows they really care about how they pray.

    Wells RileyWells R., product liturgical at Litos
  • Solid work. Minimal, functional, beautiful.
    Always on top of the parish game.

    Jean-Marc Denisanonymous, product designer at Coop